Biia vs the Wild

So I’ve had my 3rd territory battle with a lizard.  This is not at all what I expected to experience in Benin. So far I’ve had one a week since living in Lokossa. Let’s check the score shall we…

Battle 1: I get to the training site and to to get situated in my room and I see a GIANT lizard the size of my WHOLE hand on the ceiling in the corner.  I say hey along as Mr. Salamander stays in his corner we are great… no immediately decides that the room is now his room and starts running around it I promptly get my roommate for back up decide hand it off to her while I record it. Veronica stops by to tell me I’m being scary for no reason and to laugh at us. My roomie, Kaouthar, gets a PC (Peace Corps) staffer, he starts attacking it with a Broom. I starting screaming involuntarily while attempting to climb the dresser I honestly don’t know what the others did because I was busy trying to not die (but I’m pretty sure Veronica yelled and tried to climb the bed lol) PC staffer kills lizard. I win by default.

Battle 2: First week with my host family while I use the bathroom I spot a medium-sized lizard. I quickly finish my business and leave. The lizard disappears within 24 hours. lizard won.

Battle 3: I climb into bed after a long day of worka and find a salamander in my bed.  I yelp  (that’s right folks not yell or scream or cry, I yelp) and start taking things off my bed once I build up the courage. I can’t find the salamander in my bed but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gone. Tie.


6 thoughts on “Biia vs the Wild”

  1. Lord grant you the serenity to accept the things you cannot changeโ€ฆ.the courage to change the things you can and the wisdom to know the difference! Iโ€™m thinking youโ€™re going to be in this tied state 1.5/1.5 for a minute.


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