Surprise Essay (not by me)

So this is a sample essay that was used on this super big test that the kids have to pass. This essay definitely caught me off guard.  But it also made me happy to see this was the essay choice/content. Growing up in the US, I was lucky to have a community and family where I had some exposure to the history and culture of my people.  A lot of African Americans (not even going to take the rest of United States into consideration) never learn about history and culture in Africa and they never learn about their history before slavery. So seeing this essay was so surprising and so refreshing to see that students  have this on their national exam. Also I guess I secretly wondered how deep the tentacles of colonization was in Benin… like would the history between Africans and Europeans be idealized… would they automatically adopt European laws… would they be trapped and forced to agree to things that would hurt the country in the long run because they needed some type of Aid and the Aid came with strings attached…like would they be able to teach using that language  (lol obviously yes). I’ve heard/read a lot of things that has talked about how some countries are stunted in growth because of things they had to agree to inorder to receive international aid so I was kinda curious. After typing out those thoughts I realize I could literally just ask about it instead of trying to be an undercover detective. There’s a few French teachers here who I feel super comfortable with so yeah… anyway here’s the essay 

But I do believe being an undercover detective would be fun…

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