Teaching Diary: First week

Alrighty so my first week went surprisingly smooth. For Preentre, which is the week before, the students come and clean the school and the teachers find out their schedule.

In the picture below I am the A2 on the schedule:

So a simplified version of the schedule with just my info:

Monday: no classes. No students came until the last 20 minutes and I made them clean. I got a lot of fake students… students who were just curious about and tried to pretend like they were my students until they  tooth jfound out I would be putting them to work.
Tuesday:  finally my first classes! The 6eme who know basically 0 English and some don’t really understand French giggled at my accent when I explained who I was and our agenda for the day. Both of my classes 5eme and 6eme were totally taken off guard when I gave them a pre-test. The sheer terror and disbelief in the room was palpable. It was amazing I felt a little guilty but it needed to be done. 1. To see how much English they knew already and who already took this class and 2. To set the tone for class to let them know that BIIA DOESN’T PLAY WITH EDUCATION.

Thursday: gave my class who didn’t  show up Monday their pre-test, class rules and important phases in English. This class is a little more ruckus-y than the last.

Friday: I think I’m too hard and expect my 5eme kids to know too much. I love teaching 6eme, it’s so fun.

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