Teaching Diary: Week two

  • When asking if the students are finished copying the board, if everyone say no but two students say yes there’s a high probability that a verbal battle between yes and no will happen. During that time no students will be copying the board. Any steps you make toward the center of the class or chalkboard will be met with 6eme students yelling no no no not done in french out of sheer panick and the people who said yes getting hit by the no students.
  • Co-teaching 6eme went so smoothly!
  • English department meetings go over a lot of detail… too much detail…
  • The Beninese are really into order and a set way of doing things. Which has both pros and cons. Pro: a lot of detail and labeling easy to see who did what because everything is super transparent. Con: room for creativity decreases, time consuming and time wasting in others,.
  • Don’t let Beninese people look at your notes!! Especially  if you don’t write everything verbatim and don’t have multiple titles on things.
  • I prefer 6eme over 5eme. Week 2 I already know.
  • Co-teaching 5eme was terrible and I realized that in my mind I’ll fight kids. I👏 DON’T👏 CARE👏
  • I love my 6emeA students 

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