Wellness Day

Every now and then the PSN hosts a wellness Day at workstations for the volunteers. It is basically a day where you get to focus on your well being and also relax and have fun. This wellness Day was super fun. We talked about being an ally to other volunteers and ourselves.

And my favorite part was that afterwards we went to a… SWIMMING POOL at a hotel! Who would’ve known there was a swimming pool 2 hours from my house!! We sat at the pool, played at the pool and ate at the pool. We ordered “fancy” American food! I got a cheese burger (that came without cheese 🙃) and mozzarella sticks. C’EST DOOUUXXXXX.

Unfortunately I can not upload any pictures they were on the phone that was stolen.😢 so please just imagine the following images

*insert image of beautiful and relaxing pool with shimmering water*

*insert photo of a juicy burger that sadly lacks cheese and tantalizing mozzarella cheese sticks dripping with cheese toasted to perfection*

*insert image of Biia lounging in a pool chair in a purple swimsuit in a purple towel reading a purple book with a big purple smile*


6 Months Baby!!!

In the beginning of December marked my 6 months in Benin. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I am a Peace Corps baby (no longer an infant who must be held at all times) who can eat solid food and also scoot around and crawl around a little. Let’s take a look at my highlights:

  • I can make fried yams and tomato sauce
  • I have a stellar closet of clothes thanks to the amazing seamstresses here
  • I teach about 200 kids in total
  • I speak at intermediate high French
  • I’m “learning” Bariba
  • I love taking motorcycles everywhere
  • I can make amazing rice
  • I can sleep through the 5 am call to prayer (50% of the time)
  • I make a fantastic fudge
  • I can make delicious deviled eggs
  • My apple cider is astoundingly delectable
  • I think everyday I’m 2 degrees away from having a heat stroke
  • I got a cat
  • My cats name is Jadzia
  • My house is still pretty empty
  • My students are amazing artists
  • Netflix is my best friend
  • I also made volunteer friends… they are also cool
  • My phone got stolen
  • I voted myself Best Dressed EVER lol
  • Every time I make it to a city I get ice cream
  • I got into a mini motorcycle accident. No worries all is well.
  • I found a nail salon where I can get manicures and pedicures in Cotonou
  • I tell people I am a mother now and when they ask I show them my new cat
  • I am obsessed with the Marvel series on Netflix
  • Every other day I find a lizard in my house… no biggie I’m not scared of them anymore and I’ve named them all Dax (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reference)
  • I still love ice cream with all heart
  • My French has gotten better but my Bariba has not
  • I have traveled all up and down Benin
  • I’ve milly rocked on so many new blocks
  • I have a goal of reading all the books in the Parakou workstation and so so far I have read about 12 out of Hella.
  • I’ve mastered enough French to be as dramatic as I want to be.
  • I love hashbrowns
  • I’m a snack person not a meal person
  • That being said unless the meal is super easy to make or I’m randomly super motivated that day I lose my appetite when it’s time to cook
  • I lost a little weight ( a combination of me not eating as much as I use to, me eating pretty health and organic not by choice, me sweating my life away and my intake of water increasing a million percent)
  • Send me a care package or letter!!!