Biia Thoughts: Star Trek

The most watched show during my Peace Corps service has been Star Trek.

In the beginning of Star Trek I use to imagine working on a starship and exploring spade and how amazing it would be. It’s crazy working on a Federation starship. Like yes go explore space… see new things… meet new people… taste new food… LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

So far I have lived abroad the USS Enterprise, Deep Space Nine (with occasional trips in the Defiant), and Voyager. Each has been an amazing experience. But as I experienced this journey I have realized I couldn’t actually do this with the Federation in real life.

Like these people sign up and basically agree that anything and everything can happen to them. People stay doing and getting tortured on those ships. Crash landings, enemy ships attacking, hostage take overs, visiting a new planet and getting killed by an inhabitant or wildlife, weird space anomalies, telepathic aliens accidentally frying your brain… and God forbid if you work in engineering or in security!! The warp core stays getting breached and anti matter is infatuated with matter and loves exploding in people’s face. And honestly 1-2 security officers die each episode at least smh.

I would rather live on a planet and just travel a lot to other planets.

Some tips to survive in Star Trek:

  • Be the captain
  • Work in sick bay
  • Be a higher ranked officer
  • Involve yourself in everything
  • Don’t wander off by yourself on new planets… well any planet actually
  • Don’t trust that super cute and into you alien
  • Befriend Klingons (please note: you will probably be in more dangerous situations than normal but y’all will survive)
  • Stay away from the Borg
  • When the warp core tries to breach or the anti matter containment field starts weakening DON’T dilly dally by it and the surrounding workstations… something is going to explode
  • Work on upper body strength so you don’t fall to your death or so you can pull someone else to safety

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