Blast of Benin #10

Strike! Strike! Strike!

There’s a strike happening at my school right now. This is the second strike of the school year. When a strike happens the teachers don’t teach Tuesday through Thursday. This means there’s a full day of class Monday and a half day of class Friday.

The students are SUPPOSE to still come to class. As said by the Vice-Principal during Monday Morning Annoucements, ” The teachers are on strike, you are not.” But that doesn’t stop some kids from not showing up to school.

The strike is happening because the teachers having been teaching but the government has not been paying them… talk about awkward…

The situation sucks. It really does for all parties here. It sucks for the teachers because they are not getting paid so how will they feed themselves and their families and live life. It sucks for the students because they are missing school even while at school and are getting behind in their studies. It sucks for the school administration aka the Vice-Principal and accountant and now secretary because there’s only 3 adults to manage over 500 Students. It sucks for the government because Hella kids are missing out on education. And it sucks for me because I’ll be the only teacher at school and my kids are like why should we be learning right now when all our friends are having fun and they have started becoming a bit raucousy and acting out.

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