Coloring Party!!! 5eme

To celebrate completing learning situation one and 3 quizzes during the first semester we had a coloring party. I photocopied a picture from my coloring book that I brought with me to Benin and they almost lost their minds. Also thank you Si-Asar family for the coloring pencils, this definitely would not have been possible without them. I was definitely not going to use my personal 24 pack 😝😝😝😝 JAMAIS! (never!) I also tried to play American music on my phone but it didn’t work too well. Apparently playing music off your phone in a class of 41 excited students is very different than playing it in an empty cement house with only one person in it lol


Blast of Benin #11

So for the first 4 months of living in Benin I could not charge my phone in my house. Instead everyday I had to go to my host family’s house to charge. Going over there everyday want a problem for me because I basically go there everyday because they are my family. No really I harassed them to the point that they basically adopted me for better or worse lol

My issue with charging my phone there was that I was consistently stealing their electricity. I felt so uncomfortable because I would want to charge my phone and my tablet, so I would basically be attached all the time.

I had been talking to multiple people how to get the electricity in my house going and finally one day Papa Propertaire was like hey Biia I’m ready to attach this thingy to the outlet so you can charge your phone (not a direct quote). So I was excited!!!!

So he came in and CUT open the wires with pliers with no rubber on them. And started moving the wires around with his BARE HANDS also unprotected with rubber. And I’m standing behind him like😰…

Me: I don’t know Papa Propertaire… this isn’t dangerous to just be touching all this stuff? Like the electricity could hurt you…

PP: What? Hahaha! No, I’m use to this stuff.

Me: I don’t think that’s how electricity works…

PP: Do you have une Lame?

Me: une lame?…

PP: yes

Me: *makes high pitch mmmmmm noise that I make when a student writes the wrong answer* a what?

PP: you know the thing you cut your nails with…

Me: oohhhh yes yes I’ll go get it *brings back a nail clipper*







Me:πŸ™ƒ I’ll just ask to borrow my host family’s lame…

Blast of Benin #12

In class, while circulating the classroom, I rested my arms on my head waiting for my students to finish copying the chalkboard. Immediately I heard a collective gasp and about 40 mouths started furiously talking in french and 3 students even jumped out of their seats to yell/ plead at me to stop what I was doing. I, of course, could not understand what they were saying because of a combination of 40 people talking at the same time and also speaking French quickly. After finally calming them down, Ganni-Mena (one the oldest and most outspoken students in class) explained to me that if I do that my husband would die…

Me: what? This? *does it again*

Class: MADAME!!!

Me: that’s false! *doesn’t take hands down*


Me: *takes down hands* I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I had to confirm that I understood! But it’s okay… I don’t have a husband.

Class: *collective gasp* it will kill your fiance?

Me: Nope. No fiancΓ©.

Class: *makes mental notes about Madame Biia’s personal life to tell other students and family* It will kill your mother?

Me:πŸ˜πŸ˜‘ really… that’s false… I’ve done this many many times and my mother is still alive.

Class: πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Me: So will people die if I do that? πŸ€”

Class: πŸ€”no…? 😲