Hashbites #1: The Vessal


The Vessel: Write about a ship or other vehicle that can take you somewhere different from where you are now.

– Prompt taken from 365 creative writing prompts on thinkwritten.com

My Story:

“A ship is a woman’s best-friend” . That’s what my father said before he disappeared 5 years ago. There’s two things that’s interesting about that statement: 1. Though I was 20 years old at the time, no one treated me like an adult let alone a woman in my family. 2. I have never been on a boat before and from what i knew about my father he had never been on a boat before either.

Also why would he say that right before disappearing… He is a pretty logical man who just said the most illogical thing I had ever heard in my life…

At first I paid that nonsense no mind. Especially when we weren’t sure that he was missing. After a week past and the family was in full panic and the police was 100% baffled by his disappearance, I revisited his statement.

“A ship is a woman’s best-friend.” Alright maybe he was trying to be all fancy and lyrical and stupid… ship… ships… SHIP… friendSHIP? relationSHIP? anime SHIPS? (#Lawbin ) None of those things make sense… Why would he choose to say that as his last sentence ever to me?

Fast forward to now. Five years later. I am an adult. I am a woman. I still have not been on a ship. If I am being 100% honest I have been avoiding ships because of my father uttering that nonsense. We still don’t know what happened to my father. And more importantly we don’t talk about my father.

Which is fine. My family is living their best life for the most part. Mother still occasionally gazes off in a daze when she is unoccupied and you can see a mixture of blank sadness if that makes sense. If eyes were the windows to the soul her windows are covered in a thick fog and probably creak something terrible when opened. But that’s only if she isn’t occupied… if she has too much free time. other than that she’s living her best life.

The kids bounced back pretty good being so young they of course are super resilient towards tragedy. Around father’s birthday and disappearance day, they tend to be a little quieter. they tend to peek out the window and door more than usual as if those two dates will influence father to magically appear. Other than that they are living their best life.

Me… I’m probably living the best life out of everybody. After father’s disappearance I through myself into working on my future. I found an amazing two year job as a paralegal. I went to law school and graduated top of my class and started working at Ankara and Trian Law firm 3 weeks ago. The money is great. My work is great. My clothes are even greater. Like I said I’m living my best life.

My favorite part of the day is getting dressed to go to work. I always dress business casual. I always dress cute. I am a woman after all it’s basically in my life’s description. Today I’m wearing my orange dress that just covers my knees and has sleeves that stop just above my elbows. I love this dress because of the shimmery navy lace that goes around the bodice.

I stop at the Black owned coffee shop before going to work. 1. Everyone at work arrives with some type of beverage in their hand 2. Gotta support the community one way or another and until my debt from my many years of schooling is paid up it looks like i can only support in a small way. 3. I’m a sucker for frappuccinos.

I make my way into the building, on to the elevator and get off at the 16th floor. I shoot every random person I walk by a quick polite smile then settle into my office.

10 minutes later Rose comes to my office to tell me that Mr. Trian wants to see me. Rose has worked here for about 2 years now and I don’t really know her. I do know she always seems skittish and jumpy like either she needs coffee or she has had too much. I took a sip of my drink with a slight frown. Doesn’t she know she’s suppose to be living her best life right now?

“Okay here I come”, I chirp with a polite smile. Finally, I think to myself. Mr Ankara welcomed me to the building my first week here and I was wondering what took Mr. Trian so long to greet me.

We make our way to Mr. Trian’s office making polite conversation. We arrive to his office and Rose gestures me in first.

Well i’ve never been here before so this doesn’t even make sense having me go first but whatever. I struggle at first entering because the door was extremely heavy like super heavy. there is literally no reason for this door being this heavy.

Instantly I met the eyes of a very short and very grumpy looking man. I quickly walk over to his desk. “Hello Mister Trian, My name is Monique. I’m originally from Philly. I’ve only worked here for 3 weeks but I have enjoyed ever bit of it. Last but not least my favorite color is purple and my birthday is March 20th. Nice to meet you.”, I say this with a big smile and extend my arm for a handshake.

Mr. Trian chuckles in amusement no longer looking grumpy. “Quite an intro you got there!”, he says smiling.

Ha! I knew that would get him. Howard University drilled all of us to have our Howard Intro ready to go at all times and more than once it has won people over to #TeamMomo. Yes that is what I call everyone who likes me.

#TeamMomo #Can’tStopTheShine #DiamondsAllOverMyBody #ShiningAllOverMyBody #CardiMo

Mr. Trian starts his welcoming speech and Rose chimes in every now and then with something witty. After the speech I decide that Mr. Trian is cool people and me and Rose are going to become fast friends.

As Rose and I walk back towards the door, we see someone struggling to push it open. I glance at Rose questioningly. “Before Ankara and Trian Law Firm was here, this floor was a recording studio so this door is sound and fire proof.”

Finally, the door open and meduim build man who also looked grumpy came in. Though this grumpy man looked kinda cute as I got ready to send Rose another questioning glance, he pulled a gun out from the back of his pants.

This man is no longer cute I decided then and there. I don’t like this guy and he probably doesn’t even work here! I’m just trying to live my best life and here comes Woody bursting in here like a cowboy. goodness gracious.

Me and Rose stop dead in our tracks and just stare at the man and his gun. None of us saying a word. I glance back a Mr. Trian and see him grumpily staring out his work.

Sidenote: Grumpy men are the worse.

He glances up and his jaw falls open and his face blanches. “Ah good! It looks like I have everyone’s attention now… I was worried I would have to shoot someone to get you to look up Mr. Trian”, the grumpy cowboy said.

For the record, he is not really a cowboy but he has a gun. So nice armani suit or not he is a cowboy.

Woody gestures for us to move out of his direct line of fire to the side of Mr. Trian’s desk. It was actually kind of awkward walking back there because neither Rose nor I wanted to turn our back on the gunner so we just awkardly shuffled back and to the side trying to use our peripheral vision.

Okay well as long as I stay calm and do what he says I will probably come out alive. I hope the other two live also otherwise that would awkwa…

I tripped. Oh what an miraculously embarassing trip it was. I was at my destination. I literally made it to the side of Mr. Trian’s desk. I had given up on the shuffle and turned my back to the gunner and walked quickly to Mr. Trian’s desk. I turned around to face cowboy grumpy. And apparently my feet were more nervous than they originally let on and the next thing I knew I came crashing down. No it was not a graceful fall. I tried to break my fall by grabbing the desk. NOPE! I successfully grabbed the mail basket which came tumbling down with me and it and all its contents bounce off my head.

For the two seconds I was on the floor, I saw a letter opener on the ground. I’ve played enough video games and watched enough TV to know that I needed to pick up the letter opener. 1. I’ll stab him! whoops no probably not. Thank you Call of Duty for making that a valid thought in my head though. 2. Me and Rose will use it to cut of the ropes if he decides to tie us up to rob the place… yeah that seems better… thank you super hero shows for showing me use everything to cut off ropes.

On second three, Rose is pulling me to my feet. My face is burning red with embarassment, while I dust myself off.

“Stop messing around!”, Woody shouted at me.

I crossed my arms artfully concealing the letter opener and glowered at the floor.

“You know why I’m here Trian! Give it or people are going to start dying”, Woody threatened.

Sweating now, Mr Trian stammered, “ Look I don’t know w-w-who you are what you want bu-”


Rose is laying on the ground with a bullet hole in her head.

oh shhiiiiiittttttt. This is just like a video game. This man is crazy. This is why we need more gun regulation. This man is playing no games. How am I going to get out of this alive?!

I stumble away from Rose’s body. Until I realize I was closer to Mr. Trian. Nope don’t want that especially since he is the actual target of this nonsense. I quickly back away from him closer to Rose.

Mr. Trian opens the draw of his desk. Tosses out a small satin bag. super small. like tiny. I’m not going to lie I’m a little disappointed that Rose died over something that small.

“Go get the bag!”

I walk up to the desk and pluck the bag from the desktop.

POP! Thud!

Mr. Trian is cluching a hole in his chest. A small pistol is now laying on the ground.

unbelieveable… Why didn’t Trian shoot the guy when I tripped. Worse person ever. I would’ve shot everbody during my trip. Well the gun slinger obviously doesn’t need me alive so he will probably kill me before he leaves the room. Especially me being a witness and all. Also ummm isn’t Trian suppose to be like a big boss here. Like why hasn’t anybody came in for a meeting or wondered where he is?

I know what to do. I will swallow the bag. If he kills me he would have to cut my body open to find the bag, which I doubt because that’s gross. Atleast I hope that idea grosses him out… who knows… that guy is crazy. Hopefully, He will wait til I poop and keep me alive til then I will figure out a way to escape during that time.

“ If you swallow that bag, I will shoot you out that window and carve it out of you later.”

Well that was super specific. I guess while I was thinking it, my body subconsciously decided to go for it because the bag was right in front of my mouth.

“Don’t worry I won’t hurt you. I need you alive until I get out the building.”

Did he… did he just basically promise to kill me after I get him out the building? I’m defintely not about that dying life that’s for sure.

“Come on we’re leaving!” He grabs the arm holding the small bag. Oh shoot I started panicking so I didn’t even realize he had walked up to me. Idiot! on top of that my right hand is starting to cramp up from trying to naturally conceal the letter opener.

He guides me out the room. Didn’t struggle with the door on the way out, I guess it was all for show when he was coming in?


He shot a bullet in the air. “eveybody get out the way! If you try to stop me or call the police everybody’s dying!”

He jerks me by my arm again. He did that way too strongly and I start to trip again but he yanks me up at the same time to stop me from tripping.

I would’ve been embarassed if I wasn’t so busy concentrating. This is it! This is my great escape! As I tripped I tried to roll away from him but his yank up instead propelled me towards him.

I shot out my hand to stop myself from physically being all over him. This guy is probably some type of pervert and I don’t want him to get any physical ideas.



I… I conveniently stabbed the man. Also I was not expecting the noise that it made. The surprise did not last long out of reflex he fired the gun immediately but it wasn’t aimed at me but still pointing in the air.

I pull out the knife and hear a hissing noise.

Again. This time I aimed for where I think his heart is.

Again. Same area I really want him to die.

Again. I’m honestly don’t care where it lands.

I let out cry and push off against his body and try to make my escape. I trip. God jesus christ! it be your own feet I swear to god. And instead of dashing to safety, I crawl away giving myself rug burn in the process.

I look back and Woody is laying on the ground not moving.

I slump against a desk and start crying. I’m so lame I could’ve had an amazing escape. I laugh at myself while crying.

I look in my left hand at the satin bag. Defintely not going to open it… I’ve seen enough to know that would only cause my problems in the future. I look in my right hand at the letter opener that saved my life… and also turned me into a murderer I guess…? It’s metal it’s one of those colors where you can’t tell if it’s gold or silver. The handle has navy blue and white stripes on it. On the edge of the handle is a carving of a ship.

“A ship is a woman’s best-friend.”

-Byaah March 20th, 2018

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