Introducing… Jadzia ( It’s Just Jadzia #1)

Ladies and gentlemen… cats and dogs… animal lovers and animal Haters… I’m pleased to say I have a pet cat! It’s name is Jadzia and I just found out this past month that she is actually a boy!

For the first month of me being in Benin I was telling everyone that I wanted a cute little cat. Well one evening the Chef D’arrondissement stopped by my house and gave me a bag that I thought had food in it. NOPE. Instead I got my wonderful child/friend animal.

I named her (at the time) Jadzia after one of my favorite characters off of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. My family calls her Josette. It’s fine.

Any who he is only half a house cat. After he got comfortable in the concession, he stayed mostly outdoors. I let him come and go add as he pleases. And I never try to find him to make him come indoors when I’m home. This is because I’ll only be here two years and I don’t want him to become dependant on me and like starve and not be able to take care of himself when I leave.

Things Jadzia likes:


Really any meat

Tripping me

Napping with me

Climbing up to my ceiling and pretending like he can’t get down

Knocking and meowing at my door at 5am to let him in the house

Attacking and nibbling my toes

Getting head scratches

Eating lizards

Here are some pictures of us Napping together:

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