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Coloring Party!!! 5eme

To celebrate completing learning situation one and 3 quizzes during the first semester we had a coloring party. I photocopied a picture from my coloring book that I brought with me to Benin and they almost lost their minds. Also thank you Si-Asar family for the coloring pencils, this definitely would not have been possible without them. I was definitely not going to use my personal 24 pack 😝😝😝😝 JAMAIS! (never!) I also tried to play American music on my phone but it didn’t work too well. Apparently playing music off your phone in a class of 41 excited students is very different than playing it in an empty cement house with only one person in it lol


Bonus question from 6eme A and D Quiz 2

Draw a classroom furniture

*for the record there is a picture of a ruler down there but they didn’t get points because technically a ruler is a classroom object

Teaching Diary: January 2018

  • On my birthday (January 10th) all of the schools in Benin decided to take the day off in CELEBRATION!…coincidently fete de voudon is on that day as well
  • Lotsa kids started to become possessed thanks to witchcraft and sorcery… it was wild
  • There was two prayers that happened to combat this issue, also lotsa salt was thrown everywhere. Also at one point a pastor was at the school because so many kids had fallen out.
  • One day 15 kids were possessed
  • My 6eme A had their coloring party. They colored flowers.
  • I finally got to talk and meet my scholarship girls.
  • There was another strike
  • That being said I was the only teacher showing up to school those days
  • During that time done kids took advantage of the strike and didn’t come to school and it was amazing! I had normal like 25 kid sized classes πŸ™‚ i… I miss it…
  • Had my second wellness day
  • I finally met my scholarship girls
  • Also i finally got them their school books they wanted
  • I made some BOMB spaghetti
  • I found out my cat is actually a boy not a girl. It was wild.
  • I made tapioca for the first time
  • I had a coloring party with my 6eme D
  • I got a new student in my 6 eme A class… he joined 2 weeks before the semester was suppose to end
  • In class, while waiting for more students to show up because of the strike, I taught them how to play Tic Tac Toe… I demolished all of them…I am the champion

Bonus question fromΒ  5Β°B Quiz

One goal I have for my classes is to encourage the kids to be more creative and engaged and I also want a way to fairly give all the students a chance to earn extra credit. Sooooo tadaaaa I give them a bonus question at the end of every quiz to draw a picture. Please enjoy my student’s art because they are amazing.

Draw a picture of what you did during your holiday

Teaching Diary: October

  • It’s hilarious how my students randomly clap for me
  • In 5eme I said today is a test review and we are going to have the actual test in 2 days… I got a standing ovation
  • We were learning vocabulary for music and I drew some stick figure drawings… I got a standing ovation
  • A kid lied about their age to me and I said, “it’s false” in french… I got a standing ovation
  • My 5eme class and I have warmed up to each other finally
  • One day in 5eme the kids kept talking when I was talking and a student gave me a very thick branch and told me I must hit them… I didn’t 
  • My kids in 6eme think I will hit them because of how I move my hands to smack their copy books off their desk if they don’t hide their copy books after I tell them to hide their copy books.
  • All my classes like me which is pretty cool and heart warming 
  • In 6eme one time a younger kid got too loud and one of the bigger kids tried to help manage by standing up and violently mushing them in the face… which was nerve racking to me
  • All the teachers (including me) drove 30 mins on motorcycle to visit the principal who still hasn’t been to school because of sickness
  • I know almost all the names of my 5eme class of 41 students
  • I almost cried when the accountant removed students during class because their school fees weren’t paid
  • One time I finished a lesson and we had 10 minutes remaining. Which was too little time to teach something but too much time to leave class without the administration raising their eyebrows at me. So I gave them the option to sing songs or ask me questions. I never had such engaged students asking me questions about English translations and if we ate pate or igname pilee in the USA
  • I gave my class 2 hours of punishment and afterwards they created a mob around me begging them to forgive me so I started shoulder dancing which distracted them long enough for me to exit the classroom during their confusion
  •  6eme gets so excited to learn and participate that everyone tries to get called on even if they don’t know the answer