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Wellness Day

Every now and then the PSN hosts a wellness Day at workstations for the volunteers. It is basically a day where you get to focus on your well being and also relax and have fun. This wellness Day was super fun. We talked about being an ally to other volunteers and ourselves.

And my favorite part was that afterwards we went to a… SWIMMING POOL at a hotel! Who would’ve known there was a swimming pool 2 hours from my house!! We sat at the pool, played at the pool and ate at the pool. We ordered “fancy” American food! I got a cheese burger (that came without cheese 🙃) and mozzarella sticks. C’EST DOOUUXXXXX.

Unfortunately I can not upload any pictures they were on the phone that was stolen.😢 so please just imagine the following images

*insert image of beautiful and relaxing pool with shimmering water*

*insert photo of a juicy burger that sadly lacks cheese and tantalizing mozzarella cheese sticks dripping with cheese toasted to perfection*

*insert image of Biia lounging in a pool chair in a purple swimsuit in a purple towel reading a purple book with a big purple smile*


Biia v.s The Wild: End of June update

Well the lizard I fought in Battle three ended up waiting for me (Inside my bed net) when I returned home so again I shook him out of sheets and net and felt very accomplished I went to bed the next day or 2 days later My sister was helping me strip my bed for laundry day when looking and behold THE SAME LIZARD was hiding in my bed my sister killed or stunned it (idk which one because I was too busy yelping when she threw it on the ground beat it) and threw is outside. So technically I won a full point because it is officially out of my living area but since he put up a good fight I won’t take away his half point.

Biia: 2

Lizard: 1.5